REuben Wu


For the launch of the XT Camera System, Phase One wanted to work with a photographer who was capturing landscapes in an extraordinary way. Enter fine art photographer Reuben Wu. In a league of his own with his creative take on sweeping landscapes and long exposures, Phase One’s newest Ambassador is an exemplary photographer who sees the world in an extraordinary way.


Explore Reuben’s story and work below.

As a landscape photographer it’s really important for me to take my time in really experiencing the place I am photographing. I would rather take ten incredible photographs than hundreds of fairly good photographs.
— Reuben Wu
The beauty of the XT is its simplicity. It’s clean and minimal, it’s modular and it can do all the thinking for you. There is no other camera quite like it.
— Reuben Wu

Reuben’s images are sometimes described as otherworldly, and often use artificial light to selectively light a scene or create shapes. His unique style benefits from the travel-friendly design and intuitive full digital integration of the XT Camera System. Below are some of the images Reuben took with the XT Camera System during his trip to Bolivia.

An important quality of the XT camera system is that I can print at a very large scale. When I exhibit my images, I often need to print at least 70 inches wide, and that requires a sensor which is on the level of the Phase One digital back.
— Reuben Wu

 With such striking images, Reuben is no stranger to exhibitions of his work. Before the XT Camera System was even announced, Reuben had already had a large print from the series exhibited at a gallery in New Mexico, USA.


You should be slowed down by breathtaking surroundings, not by complicated equipment.

The XT encourages slow photography by simplifying the entire capture process.
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